Unity Recreative Community started as

A small group of Burundian Refugees who were new in the city of Nairobi from 2015. The purpose of the group was helping one another in times of need, either for happiness or in sad moments. This is to mention physical support, emotional and material. As time went on, the group grew to an extent of a big community of mixed refugees. Through local government advice and council, the founders decided to register the group as a community based organization to be able to serve the community efficiently.

Our mission is to provide activities in order to curb the effects of poverty and non-awareness by means of self-reliance classes. Enable people to stand up and become active in terms of producing by creative ways and put resources enough to keep up their families. Appeal up on people to rise and put about information that directly address the dangers related to long life and cycling poverty and its effects on the generations to come. Encourage and promote self-reliance activities in various ways
through partnership and collaborations to improve people’s way of life and for the better future of the next generations. Reinforcing the harmony within the refugees’ community, by building strong integration bridges with host community.