Inuka Dada - Tujiendeleze Project

The project consists of empowering refugee women -connecting them with opportunities and access to economic recovery by promoting their resilience

About the project:

The “Inuka Dada- Tujiendeleze” project  was Initiated in the year 2020, and is led  by refugee women to celebrate refugee women’s resilience by Building their capacity  as recognition of a prestige and social standing of a refugee girl to enhance their meaningful participation and feasibility in generating a sustaining income out of their talents and gifts.

The “Inuka Dada-Tujiendeleze” project is mainly based on trainings in procreative handcrafted products, and digital skills for Refugee women and young girls.

Inuka Dada- Tujiendeleze Project:

Objectives: To instil the conviction of creativity and productivity for refugee women; advocating for equal access to social economic opportunities and access to information to eradicate Domestic and Gender Based Violence (DGBV) and trauma

Goals:  To recognize refugee women resilience and promote their gifts and talents  by applying skills development and  entrepreneurial strategies  to achieve sustainable self-reliance standards

Awarding of certificates to refugee women after a training on PFA for Sustainable Self-reliance.  “My Mental Health Stability is Key to my Self-reliance Standards” Officers from HIAS and Refuge Point  attended and helped to award the certificates to participants. 

“Inuka Dada-Tujiendeleze” project is a women sub-group under Umoja Refugee CBO. Refugee women group formed as an Urban Saving and Loaning Association (USLA); Following basic entrepreneurship skills at Umoja Refugee CBO, Under “Inuka Dada- Tujiendeleze” Project

Marie Godin from Oxford University, During her visit to Umoja Refugee, she was impressed by refugee women resilience in procreative activities under  “Inuka Dada- Tujienbdeleze” project   and supported, promoted them  by buying all the purses made by Claudine Mutoni. Thanks Marie for showing Love to refugee women.

Umuhire Marie-Aimee, Project coordinator  of “Inuka Dada Project” speaking at general board meeting @Umoja Refugee about the impact of the project for refugees women and girls.

Mrs. Stephen, during her visit to Umoja Refugee, was impressed by the refugee women’s skills in tailoring under the “Inuka Dada- Tujiendeleze” Project and she shared innovative ideas for fostering the creativity aspect.

Liquid soaps made by women #InukaDada.

Some of the items made by refugee women in the workshop under the “Inuka dada –Tujiendeleze” project